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Remote Backend Software Engineer Needed at Noxx

Remote Backend Software Engineer Needed at Noxx

Job Location: Remote

Salary: $30/hr

Noxx is an early-stage startup, building an AI-powered hiring tool. We believe in merit-based job opportunities.

Our team is composed of dedicated professionals passionate about revolutionizing the hiring process. We are backed by prominent angels and VCs.

Role and Responsibilities 

As a Backend Software Engineer, you will:

  • Be involved in building a hiring management tool, which includes AI powered features(LLM, Image Detection, Audio Detection)
  • Be responsible for designing and building features from scratch.
  • Communicate with the team asynchronously and make technical decisions independently.

Experience and Skills Requirements

Must Have:

  • 5+ years experience in web development
  • Experience in working for small teams or startups. Ship features by communicating with stakeholders.
  • Experience in leading a team as a tech lead/project owner
  • Proven experience in product development
  • Proficiency in English

Nice to have:

  • Experience in developing ML/AI products
  • Understands a basic concept of AI Chatbot(RAG/CoT/ReAct)
  • Experience in the HR industry(e.g. Developed Application Tracking System)

Technical Requirements 

We use TypeScript for both Frontend and Backend. The backend is built on serverless architecture.


  • Extensive knowledge of AWS, especially AWS CDK and CloudFormation
  • AWS Lambda, Step Functions, AWS RDS, GraphQL(Hasura/Apollo),PostgreSQL(Relational DB), Prisma, S3, Auth0

Frontend (Optional)

  • Extensive knowledge of Next.js(React), Tailwind CSS, GraphQL(Apollo)

Probationary period 

  • We have three months of the probationary period.
  • In the probationary period, we evaluate deliverables, contributions to the team, and communication skills

Logistics and Work Environment 

  • Location: remote (Must overlap 5+ hours with PT timezone(UTC−08))
  • Commitment: Full-time

Team meetings:

  • 20 min Daily sync (Monday – Friday)
  • Product Sprint planning(every Monday)

Compensation and Benefits

  • Equity: 0.75 % Stock Options(1 year cliff, 4 years vesting, 18,750 USD/yr worth)
  • Unique Perks: A virtual credit card to pay for benefits(Up to $300/month for co-working space/books).

For more information about the role or the company, please contact Tomo at [email protected].

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