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Call for Nominations: Internet Hall of Fame 2023

Deadline: March 24, 2023

Do you know someone who has played an outstanding role in building and growing the Internet? Nominate them for the Internet Hall of Fame 2023. This program recognizes individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the development and advancement of the global Internet.

The Internet Hall of Fame recognizes a select group of visionaries, leaders, and luminaries who have made significant contributions to the development and advancement of the Internet. In addition to those who have been more visible, the Internet Hall of Fame seeks nominees who have made crucial, behind-the-scenes contributions.


  • Individuals are eligible for nomination if they have significantly helped create, develop, or expand the global Internet. This includes individuals working in visible or behind-the-scenes roles.
  • There is no requirement for the length of time the nominee has worked in/contributed to the Internet. Similarly, recognitions can be made posthumously.
  • Individuals previously nominated must be re-nominated to be considered, and individuals cannot nominate or endorse themselves.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Impact: The nominee’s work has made an extraordinary impact on the development or growth of the Internet and was and may still be directly relevant to the Internet’s ongoing advancement and evolution.
  • Influence: The nominee’s contribution to the Internet has had a positive influence on: society at large; the work of others in the field; the next generation; and/or another important group.
  • Reach: The nominee’s contribution has significantly expanded the Internet’s reach to bridge the digital divide and enrich people’s lives with global impact or within key audiences or specific geographies.
  • Innovation: The nominee has taken risks and has broken new ground with original thinking/creativity that has established new paradigms, eliminated significant obstacles, or accelerated Internet advancements.

Special consideration may also be given to the Nominee’s lifelong Internet-related accomplishments, contributions to more than one area of the Internet, and the overall benefit of their contributions to society. A successful nomination will clearly define a candidate’s impact beyond participation solely in a limited arena, such as Internet governance, or academia, or politics, as examples.


The nomination requires three (3) endorsement letters from three independent endorsers, in addition to the nomination form. The endorsement letters should come from people both within and beyond the nominee’s geographic region and place of employment, now or at the time of the contribution.

An ideal nomination will have the endorsement of a globally diverse set of people with a variety of perspectives on the nominee’s contributions that reinforce the scope and global impact of the nominee’s work.

The nominator must provide the email addresses of the individuals who are to submit the endorsement letters. An automatic email request will be sent to them with a copy of the nomination form, information on the requirements, and how to submit the letters. The nominator will not see the endorsement letters but will be notified when the letters have been submitted and when the nomination is complete.

Allow sufficient time for the endorsement letters to be added to the nomination form. The nominator is responsible for ensuring that all endorsement letters are submitted by the deadline of March 24, 2023 (23:59 UTC).

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