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Call for Interns: Google Summer of Code 2023

Since 2005, the Google Summer of Code program has connected 19,000+ new open source contributors from 112 countries with 18,000+ mentors from 133 countries. Google Summer of Code has produced over 43 million lines of code for 800+ open source organizations.

During Google Summer of Code, participating contributors are paired with mentors from open source organizations, gaining exposure to real-world software development techniques.

Contributors will learn from experienced open source developers while writing code for real-world projects! A small stipend is provided as an incentive.

Participating organizations use the program to identify and bring in new, excited developers. Many of those new developers will continue to contribute to their new communities and open source long after GSoC is over.

Potential GSoC contributors contact the mentor organizations they want to work with and write a project proposal based on ideas the organization has suggested. Once accepted, GSoC contributors spend a few weeks becoming familiar with the community norms and codebase while determining expected milestones with their mentor for the summer. GSoC contributors then spend 12+ weeks coding on their projects.
  1. Must be at least 18 years old at time of registration.
  2. Must be a student or an open-source beginner.
  3. Must be eligible to work in their country of residence during duration of program.
  4. Must be a resident of a country not currently embargoed by the United States.

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