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Germany Opportunity Card

Germany Opportunity Card 2024: Live in & Work Legally (No Job Offer Needed!)

Germany Opportunity Card: A complete guide

Anyone can now move to Germany without a Job offer or university Admission Offer. If someone doesn’t have a job, they will be permitted to go to Germany but will be given a year to find employment.

This is being done through what they are calling The Opportunity Card. The Opportunity Card is a residence permit that allows workers from third-world countries to enter Germany in order to seek employment.

It can also be used to acquire foreign professional qualifications in Germany. A points system is used to determine whether one is eligible for the Opportunity Card based on their qualifications, knowledge and circumstances.

A minimum score of six points is required for this. Suppose you have a recognized vocational qualification and are residing in Germany. In that case, you can apply for the Opportunity Card as a recognized skilled worker without having to achieve a minimum number of points.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Germany Opportunity Card.


The Opportunity Card Germany, also known as the Chancenkarte program, presents a chance for international workers to live and work in Germany. It simplifies the challenges of obtaining a work permit and residence visa, making it more accessible for skilled professionals to seek employment in the country. Germany’s opportunity card visa is a gateway to fresh opportunities and a fulfilling life in the German land.


The Opportunity Card Germany offers advantages like language training, help with job placement, and support for cultural integration.

With this card, international workers can thrive in a dynamic work setting, enjoy a high quality of life, and pursue promising career paths in one of Europe’s leading economies.

  • Duration of Stay: You can stay in Germany for one year, with an extension of up to 3 years.
  • This card grants a 6-month stay for job seekers.
  • Point-Based System: The Opportunity Card uses a point-based system to determine applicant eligibility.
  • Point Requirement: To qualify for the Germany Opportunity Card visa, you have to accumulate only 6 points out of 14 available points.
  • Work During Job Search: With the Opportunity Card, you can work in Germany (2-week trial jobs) while you search for jobs.
  • Part-Time Employment: The Opportunity Card also allows you to engage in part-time jobs (20 hours per week) during your job-seeking period.
  • Language Requirement: Although optional for the Opportunity Card application, demonstrating at least A1 in German or B2 in English offers flexibility for applicants with skills in either language.


The Germany Opportunity Card website outlines specific eligibility criteria for candidates who wish to apply. These criteria are essential to ensure that only eligible individuals apply:

  • Applicants must be a Non-European.
  • Minimum of 6 Germany Opportunity Card Points
  • Applicants must be 35 years old or younger at the time of applying.
  • Language Proficiency
  • Prior residency in Germany (optional)
  • Three years of professional work experience
  • No criminal record.
  • Demonstrating adequate financial means to sustain oneself in Germany
  • Submit applications through the German Embassy.


  • Basic requirements: Sufficient German language skills at level A1 or English language skills at level B2 and at least two years of vocational training according to your home country. You must also have sufficient financial means. Proof of this can be in the form of an employment contract for a part-time job.
  • Four points: Are for partial recognition of a foreign professional qualification or permission to practise a regulated profession (e.g. teacher, nurse or engineer). Very few applicants meet these criteria.
  • Three points are awarded for five years of professional experience (in the last seven years) in the learned profession and the preceding two years of professional training according to the laws of your home country. Also, you receive three points for good German language skills at level B2.
  • Two points are for two years of professional experience preceded by vocational training (in the last five years). If you are not older than 35, you also get two points. German language skills at level B1 also receive two points.
  • One point is for applicants not over 40 years old and for a previous stay in Germany (at least six months). You must provide a proof of this. Previous stays as a tourist do not count.
  • One point is for good knowledge of English (C1), and reasonable knowledge of German (A2). If you had your vocational training/university degree in an area of official labour shortage in Germany, or if you applied for the Opportunity Card with your spouse.


Criteria Points
Qualification (Degree) Up to 6 points if you hold a university degree.
Experience Up to 3 points based on relevant work experience.
Age 2 points if under 35, or 1 point if between 35 and 40 years old
Language Up to 3 points based on proficiency in German.
Previous stays in Germany 1 point if you have lived in Germany for at least 6 months.
Spouse 1 point if your spouse also qualifies for an Opportunity Card.


Let’s look at the application process for the Germany opportunity card visa for international workers. We have created a clear and easy five-step format below to help you apply for the Opportunity Card in Germany. These step-by-step application instructions will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and straightforward experience.

  • Document Gathering: Gather the required documents, which include proof of your qualifications, professional work experience, international passport, etc. Ensure all the documentation you need for the Opportunity Card Germany is in order and readily available.
  • Online Application: Access the online application portal provided for the Opportunity Card. Fill out the application form accurately and completely, providing all the necessary details and attaching the requested documents.
  • Point-Based Evaluation: Your application will go through evaluation based on the point-based system. Points are allocated based on qualifications, work experience, age, language skills, previous stays in Germany, and other relevant factors.
  • Eligibility Assessment: The authorities will assess your eligibility based on the points you received. Your application will move to the next stage if you meet the requirements and have the minimum points.
  • Opportunity Card Issuing: Successful applicants will receive the German Opportunity Card, which allows them to stay in Germany for a specified period and search for employment opportunities.


Start Applying for the Germany Opportunity Card


Documents Needed for the Germany Opportunity Card

To obtain your German job seeker visa from Nigeria you must prepare the following documents:

  • Visa application form. You must submit a filled-out and signed application form for your job seeker visa application. You can fill it online on this link.
  • Your Nigerian passport. Please make sure your passport has been issued during the last ten years, has two blank pages and has a validity period of 6 months after your departure date from Germany.
  • A copy of your passport. Provide an A4-size copy of your passport in addition to the original documents.
  • Passport pictures. The identity photos must follow the guidelines of the German embassy/consulate. Remember that the number of required photos depends on the embassy; you may be required to submit up to three pictures.
  • Resident Permit for Nigeria. Non-Nigerian nationals must present valid residence permit for Nigeria.
  • Evidence of academic qualifications. You must submit proof of academic achievement from a German university or equivalent to a German degree.
  • Proof of recognition of academic degrees. If your degree is not equivalent to one in Germany, you must make sure your degree is fully recognised before applying for your visa. You can check the Anabin database here to see if your degree is accepted in Germany. You may also be required to submit a statement of comparability— for more details on having your degree recognised, refer to the German authorities here.
  • Evidence of professional experience. Submit any documentation (CV, professional achievements, etc.) that supports your relevant work experience for the German job seeker visa application.
  • Cover letter. Submit a cover letter detailing how you plan to find employment in Germany, your future career plans, and what you plan to do if the job search is unsuccessful.
  • Proof of accommodation. Make sure to submit proof of temporary accommodation while you are in Germany. You can submit a hotel reservation, rental agreement, or proof that you will stay with a friend or family member in Germany.
  • Evidence of enough financial means. You must submit proof of having sufficient financial resources to support your stay in Germany while you look for employment— make sure you submit one of the following:
    • A blocked account (Sperrkonto) showing you have a minimum of EUR 947 (equivalent toNGN 1,634,077.78 as of March 2024) per month. You can open a blocked account here.
    • A formal obligation letter (Verpflichtungserklärung) from your sponsor if someone is covering your expenses.


Start Applying for the Germany Opportunity Card

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