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Alx Essential AI Skills Course 2024

Alx Essential AI Skills Course 2024 (Fully funded by Mastercard)

Applications are now open for the ALX AI Career Essentials Course 2024 – powered by MasterCard for young Africans. Here’s how to register.


Learn how to use AI tools to excel at work-related tasks and master leadership, communication, and entrepreneurship skills that will set you up for career success.


This program combines an introduction to various AI tools with key features of essential ALX offerings.

The soft skills and practical skills you will learn will help you leverage advanced AI tools.

Having these skills is critical to finding success in your current or future career.

The part-time program is 6 weeks long and covers the 8 meta-skills from ALX Foundations.

This includes leadership, communication, entrepreneurship, and career success training that forms you into a well-rounded professional.

In the end, you will walk away with a winning CV and upgraded personal portfolio.

You will understand how to ace interviews, use AI tools to excel at tasks, and lead in the workplace. All this and more to prepare you for a fruitful career ahead.

It is the perfect programme for people who are currently seeking work.

It is also beneficial for those who already have work, but want to upskill for the digital future.

Fees and Financing for the Alx AI Career Essentials Course

Our partnerships allow us to offer eligible candidates access to sponsored world-class training with programme costs waived.

This program is entirely free for selected candidates. Thanks to our partners.

Programme Requirements for Alx AI Career Essentials Course

  • 18-34 years old
  • Of African origin
  • Ability to write and speak English proficiently
  • A laptop or desktop computer with access to a stable internet connection

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FAQ about the Alx AI Career Essentials Course 2024


What is this career-readiness programme?

This programme is designed for both job-seekers and employed people aiming to elevate their professional skill sets.

It has a flexible, part-time structure that allows seamless integration with work life and fosters a dynamic learning experience.

Made for career-driven individuals who are looking for practical web application experience enriched with AI tools to meet industry demands.

Why should I sign up?

This programme highlights the critical role of AI in job readiness and advancement.

It equips learners with vital communication, teamwork, and leadership skills taught through 9 key modules.

In the end, learners will leave with comprehensive digital proficiency, including how to use AI tools for personal career growth.

What is the Programme objective?

The main objective is for learners to gain comprehensive work readiness skills by integrating elements from various other ALX programmes.

By the end, learners will be prepared to access various professional roles. During the process, they will have access to support centres for peer-led learning, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, including our in-person Hubs.

In the end, this programme is meant to accelerate your job search, enhance your personal CV and portfolio, and excel in interviews by leveraging specific AI and professional tools.

What practical skills will I learn in this programme?

The programme prioritises practical job skills training, including communication, teamwork, and problem-solving training.

Learners will also develop a compelling online presence that showcases their individual brand to potential employers in the job market.

Apply Here for Alx Essential AI Skills Course 2024

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