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Youth of Enterprise (YOE) Paid Internship Program For Nigerian Youths

Applications are open for the 2024/2025 Nigerian Agip Exploration (NAE) Post Graduate Scholarship Award Scheme.

Nigerian Agip Exploration (NAE) Limited, on behalf of the NNPC/NAE PSC, is committed to employee training and development as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

NAE invites applications from qualified Nigerian graduates for the 2024/2025 Postgraduate Scholarship Award Scheme. The award comes in two categories:

The National Population Commission places Nigeria’s population at about 220 million with 50% of the population comprising youth. Unfortunately, over 42% of Nigerian youth remain unemployed and a larger percentage are underemployed (Source: Nigerian Bureau of Statistics).

With the YOE Internship Program, we seek to improve the employability of Nigerian youth and position them for success in the workplace.

We are on a Mission.

Everywhere you look, you see graduates who, after searching tirelessly for jobs, are forced to settle for menial jobs or worse still, have sunk into depression due to the financial, emotional, and physical stress unemployment brings.
Educational systems may not have equiped them with the skills to meet the demands of the corporate world and access to information on job opportunities is not always easy to come by.
But all that is about to change with the Youth of Enterprise (YOE) Internship Programme. We are on a mission to equip Nigerian graduates with the requisite skills and experience they need to excel in the workplace and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their global counterparts.

Through the Youth of Enterprise (YOE) Internship Program, EnterpriseNGR is playing a vital role in facilitating capacity building in the private sector and contributing to resolving the problem of unemployment in Nigeria.


YOE is EnterpriseNGR’s commitment to:

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