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Wanted: An Ultra-Reliable Customer Support Whiz (Remote)

My name’s Carrie, and I run day-to-day operations at Course Concierge. We’re an online course publishing house that works with a selective group of well-known YouTubers and other experts.

Our clients’ courses have hundreds of thousands of paying members, and their videos are seen by millions of people every month.

We’re looking for a reliable, proactive, and detail-oriented rep to join our Customer Support team.

Here’s how we think about support…
– It might get personal. Responding to emails isn’t just about helping customers reset their passwords. Customers might share struggles or challenges that they’re facing, and we always aim to provide compassionate and helpful responses.
– We empower team members. We use templates, yes. And have guidelines. But we give our support team the discretion to make exceptions where they see fit. We despise a “computer says no” approach to customer service that comes with cast-iron rules.
– Customer support isn’t solely about efficiency. It’s not something to be gotten done. “Inbox zero,”  while blissful to achieve, isn’t the overriding objective here—we prioritize a personal touch.
– We aim to inspire action in course members. Our customers have signed up to learn something, and whether it’s playing guitar or woodworking, we want to encourage them to follow through and get the most from their investment.
– At many companies, the wider team doesn’t interact much with the support team, which can cause a breakdown of respect and quality. This is a deeply discouraging trend, and we endeavor to integrate customer experience and keep it at the heart of what we do.

– Looking at monthly reporting stats, but not obsessing over them. ‘% customer satisfaction’ can be helpful, but shouldn’t be fixated on. We recognize that true customer satisfaction goes beyond numbers.

– No sales gimmicks. You won’t have to awkwardly navigate emails about hidden subscription fees, sketchy policies intended to make refunds harder, or any other such dark art. Honest marketing only!
We’re presently looking for someone who… 

– Can steadfastly handle customer support, and hold down the fort as scheduled. Reliability is key to ensuring that someone is always monitoring the inbox during busy times.

– Possesses great attention to detail and excellent written communication skills. Your main job will be supporting members on behalf of our clients (who have intimately personal brands), and we take huge pride in our customer experience standards.

– Writes in English with native-level fluency, able to add a personal touch as appropriate in every situation.
– Demonstrates adaptability. This position involves managing inboxes across diverse fields for a few clients. It offers more day-to-day variety than an ordinary support role but also requires you to be resourceful when answering one-off questions.
We are a small team, and might also require your help with operational side tasks such as proofreading course content, marketing emails, or quality-assuring members’ areas.
All team members wear many hats, which means there are growth opportunities for those with hustle!

The role will be part-time to begin, but your flexibility in increasing hours as we get busier would be an asset.

We’re entirely remote and (preferably) seeking someone available to cover North American working times (where most of our customers are).
We will occasionally (every few months) ask you to cover a weekend when we have a new course launch – with days off the following week to make up for it.
To apply…
Write to [email protected] with a note on why you’d be a great fit.
We have a no résumé/CV policy so please do not attach one—we don’t care where you went to college (or that you even went at all)—we’ll simply pick the most well written and thoughtful cover notes for consideration.
There’s no deadline, but we want to start onboarding soon, so please apply before the 6th of May for best results. (Those that apply sooner are at an advantage.)
We regret that we won’t be able to get back to everyone, but if your note stands out, we’ll aim to respond within two weeks of your writing.
Thank you for reading. If you’re on the fence about applying, please do!
Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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