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Part-time writers wanted for personal finance websites (Quill Media Ltd)


2 or 3 part-time (20 hours / week) writer positions available.

Niche: personal finance websites

Key attributes required:

Demonstrable experience writing in the personal finance niche, or similar.

Willingness to put your real name to articles and link to your LinkedIn and/or Twitter profile, so as to demonstrate “expertise, authority and trust”.

Ability to write detailed product reviews including screenshots.


I wish to hire two or three writers on a trial basis for part-time, ongoing writing work, perhaps 20 hours / week. The ideal candidates would have experience in writing for sites in the personal finance niche or a similarly sober, fact-based niche, and would be comfortable doing research independently, so as to produce articles with minimal guidance from me (although I will provide you with some initial guidance on desired writing style etc.).

I propose paying per hour, so please let me know your hourly rate when applying. I would be happy to pay for your time doing research as well as writing, obviously. I prefer to pay by the hour than by word as I want quality text, written after researching the subject thoroughly.

I run a small business in the UK which has been operating since 2010, specialising in small websites which provide valuable information to consumers. I have a lot of experience employing writers, although this is my first advert on ProBlogger, and I always treat the people I work with fairly and with a great deal of professional respect.

Ideally I would like to hire writers who would be comfortable linking to their LinkedIn and/or Twitter profiles and embedding a short bio in articles they write, so that the articles can demonstrate the  “expertise, authority and trust”, which Google seems to put so much emphasis on these days.

I have two websites which need detailed articles written. Both are in the personal finance niche, but nothing to do with credit cards and typical mainstream themes. Some knowledge of economics might be useful in the case of one of the sites.

Also the ideal candidate would be prepared to do in-depth product review articles, involving logging into web-based services, with the credentials I provide, and taking screenshots to illustrate the key functionality and pros / cons of the service. If you could upload these articles to WordPress that would be great too.

At the moment one of the sites has the key functionality and design in place but is lacking content. The other site I have populated by AI content; although it is intelligible and reads fairly well, it needs to be extensively reworked to add in concrete factual information. I hope this is not too much of an indignity to request rewriting AI-produced text; I imagine this is a common request these days.

Please write to me explaining how you fulfil the requirements described above and what you would expect to be paid per hour. I look forward to receiving your mails.


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