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Growth Hub 2024 Growth Accelerator & Grant Competition

Growth Hub 2024 Growth Accelerator & Grant Competition

As part of the big dream to drive individual, business, and economic growth, while providing infrastructural support for growing startups across Africa, The Growth Hub founded The Growth Accelerator Grant Competition.

We aim to make the competition a meeting point for Creativity (and Creatives), Technology (and Techies), Businesses (and Founders), and Scientific Innovations (and Researchers).

The Growth Accelerator Grant Competition will equip you (and your business) with intensive digital, financial, and economic resources to build your business into a cash flow and revenue machine.

Benefits of Growth Hub Growth Accelerator & Grant Competition

  • Access to SME friendly Financial Services for 1,000 Businesses (via our Finance Partners)
  • Business grants & Acceleration program for 10 selected Businesses (via our Finance Partners and Sponsors)
  • Access to technology and Digitalization facilities, Software, and Business websites for 2,000 Businesses
  • Access to thorough business learning resources and Business registration assistance for at least 2,000 Businesses.
  • Exclusive access to External investments to the Top 200 qualified/investment-ready Businesses via Built-out business & Research funding platform
  • Grant Winners get:
    • Cash grant: From ? 125,000 to ?2 million for 10 winners
    • Access to Pitch Investors: For Top 200 Participants
    • Training & Support: Worth ? 2 million naira for Top 2,000 Participants
  • Other Awardees win:
    • Gadgets
    • Tech Materials from Partners
    • Souvenirs from mini sponsors

Requirements for Growth Hub Growth Accelerator & Grant Competition

  • Open to businesses in Ondo State, Nigeria.
  • Applicants need to demonstrate a viable business plan and show potential for growth and impact to qualify for the grant.
  • Additionally, applicants will need to fulfil requirements such as Bank registration, business registration, or other factors depending on the program’s specific guidelines.

Deadline: June 30, 2024

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