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CcHUB’s Let’s Build Program 2024 for African Startups

CcHUB’s Let’s Build Program 2024 for African Startups

“Let’s Build, Africa” is a strategic initiative designed to assist startups that are poised for cross-border growth but require strategic insights and support to navigate new ecosystems.

CcHUB is committed to promoting economic integration and innovation throughout the continent.

Program Objectives:

  1. Facilitate Cross-Border Expansion: Support startups in gaining insights and access to new markets across Africa.
  2. Strengthen Intercontinental Ties: Foster collaboration and investment opportunities between startups and local stakeholders in target markets.
  3. Boost Economic Integration: Contribute to the economic integration of the African continent by facilitating easier market access for innovative businesses.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The startup must be registered in an African country.
  • At least one of the founders must be an African national.
  • The startup should be at the scale up stage.

Program Components:

Call for Applications and Selection: Startups are invited to apply for the program with a focus on readiness for market expansion and innovative solutions adaptable to diverse markets.

Pitch Sessions: Selected startups will participate in pitch events to refine their business models and receive feedback.

Ecosystem Tours: Participating startups will undergo facilitated tours in key markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and Namibia.

Product Showcases: Startups will showcase their products to a curated audience of collaborators, investors, and potential customers.

Market Linkages and Support: Over a six-month period, startups will receive ongoing support from CcHUB’s team of experts to build and strengthen market linkages.

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