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Apply: Alx 14 Months Data Science Bootcamp and Certification for Africans ($15,000 Worth of Scholarship)

Data Science Bootcamp at ALX

Data is the new oil. Almost every company works with data. However, like oil, data is only valuable if refined and transformed into something useful, which is where data science comes in.

Data science has been one of the most in-demand professions of the last two decades. The need for data scientists who can expertly analyse data, extract critical insights and effectively present the findings has never been higher.

Designed to help you gain in-demand data science and machine learning skills, the ALX Data Science Programme will equip you with the crucial tools and techniques to analyse visual and statistical data, create models, and communicate results to inform data-driven decisions.

In addition, you will learn the universal programming language Python and solve real-world problems using machine learning.

This globally-recognised certification will place you at the cutting edge of the digital economy, giving you a competitive advantage in the job market.


What You’ll Learn

  • Understand common data terminology and learn how to define your problems before you tackle them.
  • Build dashboards to tell compelling stories with your data.
  • Learn Python programming fundamentals: working in notebooks, logic and functions, and data structures.
  • Work with SQL to use databases for storing, reading, and updating data.
  • Prepare data for modelling, build regression prediction models with Python, and fine-tune them for better results.
  • Train and generate predictions from classification models.
  • Learn about and implement natural language processing (NLP) techniques.
  • Learn how to cluster unstructured data, build recommender systems and get hands-on with dimensionality reduction.

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  • 14 months, 30-40 hours/week
  • Access to a laptop or desktop computer
  • Access to a stable internet connection
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Between 18-34 years of age
  • Of African origin
  • Residing and able to attend in-person activities in one of our city hubs



  • Build your foundations to thrive in the modern world of work
  • Engage in a hybrid learning experience with both in-person and online elements to help you succeed
  • Gain access to The ROOM Fellowship, our prestigious talent community where you can gain access to world-class events, perks and rewards, and lifelong learning


What’s Next? 

  • Receive a Data Science Certification.
  • Join our global tech talent community and continue your career journey.


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